It’s funny to me now that I actually went to Woodstock…but I left before Crosby Stills and Nash played because I didn’t know who they were and I didn’t care. It was more important to me to get a shower and some food in my belly. If I could have showered while eating I would have. That’s how gross I felt.

But Mark, Mark and I are all old enough to remember hearing “For What It’s Worth” on the radio when it was first released. We remember hearing “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” and thinking “What the hell is THAT!! I’ve never heard anything like that before!!!”

We wore out that album. Then we wore out the next CSN&Y album…and then went back and listened to all the Buffalo Springfield albums…and The Byrds…the Hollies. We poured them all into our ears like we were 3rd graders with ear infections.

We all liked to think that we knew every note of every song….until Colonel Hudson came up with the idea for Laurel Canyon. We got together to sing them and realized “These are some complicated songs!”. Did that stop us? No, it did not.

We hope you all come out to one of our shows. We truly love this music. It’s been part of the soundtrack of our lives. I know , for me, it has made me a sensitive enough man that I can type the phrase “soundtrack of our lives” and not throw up a little in the back of my throat.

Mark Hudson, Mark Mirando and me, Gary Burr. Come and let us do our best to bring you back to a time when harmony and great songs filled the air.